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Here’s a link to an article about crafting your resume by Kevin Donlin, a career columnist for a newspaper in Minnesota and the man behind Guaranteed Resumes, LLC. He’s no longer in the resume writing business, but he offers a lot of free advice for job seekers online.

I liked this article because it talks about many of the topics we cover in our book. For those who just want a quick summary of the article, here you go:

  1. Be professional and don’t use an immature or silly email address. (i.e.
  2. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. (Larger companies use scanning software to skim your resume for certain keywords that apply to the position they’re hiring for. If you misspell the words that are meant to communicate your key qualifications, your resume will never see the light of day.)
  3. Keep your resume to one page. It is highly doubtful that you have enough experience to fill two pages at this point in your career. 
  4. Do not enhance your resume with buzzwords you don’t understand, or experience you don’t really have. Stick to the truth.
  5. Be patient. Finding a full-time job is a full-time job.

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