How to Impress Potential Employers in Less than 30 Seconds

Looking to get noticed by a potential employer during an on-campus meet-and-greet, career fair or student-run conference? Or, need to impress a recruiter during an on-campus interview with a foreign-owned company? You don’t have much time during these types of events. One way to stand out from the crowd is to know your current events. Being able to initiate and carry on a conversation – that doesn’t revolve entirely around your own job search – will make you more attractive to recruiters and alumni who’ve more than likely been listening to the same tired introductory speech all day or night.

One way to get some info outside of your college campus microcosm (besides Twitter and Facebook) is In a matter of seconds you can scan the front pages of almost every newspaper in the world.

They also have a virtual map so you can find newspapers even if you don’t know what they’re called. Want to know what El Mercurio is reporting today? Check it out.

Being well-read is also something you’ll want to strive for throughout your entire career. Knowing the classics is essential when you’re coming out of college. Get reacquainted with Henry James, Mary Louise Alcott, and Charles Dickens at Fullbooks. These books are posted online for you to scroll through.

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