New Job Search Tools for College Seniors and Graduates

Do you realize that not all job openings are posted on online job boards? The fact is, most companies don’t post all their job openings on the major job boards because they either don’t have time, don’t get the quality of candidates they’re looking for, or decide to spend that money elsewhere. So, if not all available jobs are posted on the job boards, where are they?

While most companies don’t have the time to post all of their open positions on job boards, most do make the time to post them on their own web site. “Great, so now all I have to do is somehow find every company in the world and search through their website!” Not at all! Fortunately, we already did a lot of this work for you.

Each week at we are adding new companies to our database and creating easy search tools for you to use to find that first job after college. Check back each week as we add new tools and tutorials for finding your ultimate first job online. Be sure to read through the tutorials for optimizing your success. We’ll also feature a company each week that hires recent graduates. As always, best of luck in your job search.

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