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Best Cover Letter Samples and Tips Online

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

You should always include a cover letter when sending, faxing (does anyone do this anymore?!), or emailing your resume to a potential employer. If a networking contact (who may not be aware of all your skills and accomplishments) requests a copy of your resume, you should include a cover letter. The cover letter enables you to focus the reader’s attention to specific skills or achievements that are particularly relevant to the company you want to work for, or the job you are seeking. It is every bit as important as your resume and has the same exact purpose – to get you an interview!

1. Quint Careers has over 40 easy-to-open cover letter samples ready-to-view right on their web site or in PDF format. They include cover letter samples for internships, recent college graduates, cold calls, email, military, and samples of cover letters in response to salary requirement requests.
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2. Virginia Tech Career Resources Center
Here you’ll find helpful cover letter samples and tips such as: how to address your cover letter if you don’t know exactly who you’re sending it to, how to write cover letters for informational interviews, how cover letters send via snail mail differ from cover letters sent by email and more. The page format is sort of messed up. It looks like the page wasn’t updated for new browsers or something. But the information is good so the effort is well worth it.
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3. Monster
Monster’s career resources section has a wonderful cover letter samples section complete with user reviews. Definitely check out this cover letter resource.

4. Florida State University Career Center
FSU has a terrific white paper about how to develop a system to keep your communications with employers (including cover letters) organized during your job search. This paper also includes sample cover letters, ways to identify the different types of letters that you may need to write during your job search, tips for knowing what to do and what not to do when writing cover letters, and access to additional sources of help.

5. The Department of Employment and Economic Development for Minnesota
Complete with cover letter samples, this site has some of the most original advice on the web for crafting cover letters that help you win the interview. The Minnesota DEED has a great example of how to write a cover letter using bullet points that highlight your skills that relate directly to the needs of the employer. I highly recommend visiting this web page. It’s a quick read and you’ll learn a lot.

And here’s another quick way to view several of their cover letter samples.

If you dig around this site there is some good information. I liked their take on networking cover letters and recommend reading not only their section on cover letters, but on networking for novices also.

Here is a link to a cover letter sample that can be used to blast your resume out to friends and family to jump start your networking efforts. If done well, this could be a useful way for busy college students and recent graduates to let people close to them know that they’re starting their job search.

8. Vanderbilt Career Center
If you’re looking to find some industry related jargon to include in your cover letter, Vanderbilt has a pretty good selection of industry based cover letter samples that aren’t just filled with fluff.

9. DePaul University Career Center
Download this free cover letter sample packet. Lots of good information. They also have a free resume sample packet that’s worth checking out too.

10. Online Writing Lab at Purdue (The OWL at Purdue)
One of the best writing web sites in existence. Worth checking out for more than just cover letters too. But they do have a great page with quick tips for writing cover letters.