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New Job Search Tools for College Seniors and Graduates

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
Do you realize that not all job openings are posted on online job boards? The fact is, most companies don’t post all their job openings on the major job boards because they either don’t have time, don’t get the quality of candidates they’re looking for, or decide to spend that money elsewhere. So, if not all available jobs are posted on the job boards, where are they?

While most companies don’t have the time to post all of their open positions on job boards, most do make the time to post them on their own web site. “Great, so now all I have to do is somehow find every company in the world and search through their website!” Not at all! Fortunately, we already did a lot of this work for you.

Each week at we are adding new companies to our database and creating easy search tools for you to use to find that first job after college. Check back each week as we add new tools and tutorials for finding your ultimate first job online. Be sure to read through the tutorials for optimizing your success. We’ll also feature a company each week that hires recent graduates. As always, best of luck in your job search.

Click here to search for companies by industry.

Why Networking is a Waste of Time for Some Grads

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

If you’ve spent your time joining professional associations, going to events, volunteering for committees, building relationships, following up for coffee, and you still aren’t getting any support from your network, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that networking is a big waste of time. And you’d be right. Most likely there are plenty of skeptics around warning you, “your time is better spent working on resumes and at that part-time job”. But, here’s the deal, networking is not a waste of time, and it will help you more than you can possibly fathom right now, but there is a caveat. Though building relationships exposes you to opportunities (that you would have never had otherwise), if you don’t seize them, you will never reap the benefits networking. To get help from the people in your network, you need to ask for it. Only then can the true power of networking begin to make a difference to your career. You have to ask, and you have to ask in the right way.

Is there someone in your life who you need some help from right now, but you feel awkward about making the request? Perhaps you need an introduction, a letter of recommendation, a reference or perhaps a freelance project. Is this person someone who knows you and feels positively towards you? If so, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to ask them for help.

If you have a large network and you cannot find anyone who is willing to help you, then it’s not a network. You may be connected to a ton of people on social networks, but you have not succeeded in building true networking relationships. The people who claim that they never get anything from networking are usually the people who look at their network as a list of contacts instead of treating them as a group of friends (we’ll talk more about that in a later post). On the other hand, some people just don’t know how to ask the people in their network for what they need.

If you have developed good relationships with the people you consider to be a part of your network, they won’t be offended if you approach them respectfully, politely, and with a tremendous amount of consideration for their time. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you never learn how to ask, the people you network with won’t know how to assist you – and more often than not they are extremely willing to help .

Chicago Cubs Tickets: The Ultimate Graduation Gift for College Grads

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Lately, we are all about Chicago Cubs games. Chicago Cubs tickets are a great graduation gift for anyone graduating from college or high school. There are three ways to experience the game.

1. A seat at Wrigley Field

2. The bleachers

3. One of the Wrigley rooftops (hint: Skybox on Sheffield)

But Chicago Cubs tickets are always sold-out. That means you can’t just walk up to Wrigley Field on game day and purchase tickets. In Chicago, if you want Chicago Cubs tickets, you go to the guys at

They have the best seats to any entertainment event you can imagine. This company handles events nationwide, but they are based in Chicago like us. They specialize in Chicago Cubs tickets and have best seats at Wrigley Field.

These are the folks that can get you tickets to concerts and sporting events, even if those events are sold out. But, they’re not a huge company that marks up the tickets with major fees like other ticket brokers. Also, even if what you want isn’t on their web site, you can call or email them to see if they can get you what you need. It’s seriously like having your own personal concierge. When you’re young and starting out in your career, it’s cool to have access to something like this.

Email support from the site is better than phone support, and they will respond to you on Twitter quickly too. Check them out at or They rock! And, even though we’re huge Chicago Cubs fans, we should mention that they do have tickets to every sports team across the country…not just Chicago Cubs tickets.