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  • Job Search for Entry Level College Grads

    Searching for your ideal job right after college graduation can be a long and exasperating process. However, with a little preparation and a good attitude, your first job search can also be a very rewarding experience. Hopefully you are starting your job search while you are still in college. To assist you along the way, in this section we'll continue to add relevant articles to help you in your job search. Keep in mind the average job search takes approximately 27 weeks according to the US Department of Labor as of September 2009. That just about 7 months. Even in a healthy labor market it usually takes recent college graduates an average of 3-9 months to find a job.

    • How to Find the Name of the Hiring Manager
    • Worst Excuse EVER for Not Finding a Job

    • Job Search Resources for Entry Level Job Seekers
      Job posting website and resource for entry- to senior-level professionals in advertising, communications, graphic design, marketing, public relations, and web design & development. Jobs concentrated in IL, WI and MN currently.

      Discover career opportunities, get introduced to alumni, career experts and industry insiders. You can also learn more about industries, mentors and career resources and get connected with employers.

      All jobs are collected directly from company websites, not 'pay-for' job boards.

      Job board for media professionals.

      Chicago's largest nonprofit job board.

    • Top 100 Niche Job Sites
      List and links to over 100 job boards compliled by job board expert Eric Shannon.

    • Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America
      Search's list of 5000 companies that are likely to be hiring.

    • Urban Interns
      Find internships or part-time work in New York.

    • 37signals Job Board
      Computer programming jobs in NY, CA, WA, IL and a few other states. Limited listings, but worth a look.

    • 31Projects
      MBA students and recent alumni can find contract projects with companies and non-profits. New venture but worth keeping an eye on. One drawback is that it appears to only be open to select schools.