Interview with Zumeo's Jared Booye

G2G: How has Twitter contributed to your success, if at all?
JB: Twitter has been a phenomenal resource for staying in touch with potential customers, driving traffic, and promoting Zumeo.

G2G: What do you enjoy about being an entrepreneur?
JB: Helping people.

G2G: What advice would you give to recent grads who think they want to start their own business?
JB: As an entrepreneur it is vital that you surround yourself with mentors who can help you succeed and have succeeded themselves.

G2G: Do you hire interns for either paid or unpaid positions?
JB: We do hire interns. Mostly unpaid positions for students who want to learn about Web 2.0, internet companies, social media, and the online recruiting industry.

G2G: Where did the name Zumeo come from?
JB: We originally wanted zume (the last 4 of resume with a z) but it was $50k. As a start up we started looking at other options. By throwing a O at the end it made the me stand out which makes sense. Zumeo is about standing out. It is about "me". Plus zumeo was only $650.

G2G: Anything else you want recent grads to know about you or Zumeo?
JB: We just launched Facebook connect! This means that a student can join Zumeo under their facebook login. It auto populates their Live Resume and allows them to seamlessly invite their friends to join!