Interview with Zumeo's Jared Booye

Jared Booye is the CEO of Zumeo; a career discovery tool and professional social network that has been described as “Linkedin for college students meets E-Harmony for jobs.”  At Zumeo you can build a resume, discover your strengths, and get matched to relevant jobs. Zumeo is also the first college recruiting site to launch Facebook Connect.

G2G: What inspired you to start Zumeo?
JB: Our mission is to help students get great jobs and internships.

G2G: What makes Zumeo different from traditional job boards?
JB: The online job search can be intimidating. Zumeo helps students discover their professional strengths and matches them to jobs and internships accordingly. We then provide a platform for students to research potential employers, connect with their career center, and build a network that can help them in their career right out of college.

G2G: What has been your biggest success so far?
JB: As a business we have built a fully-integrated and career-focused social platform, have seen many people get jobs through our service, and have partnered with SOS Staffing, one of the largest staffing agencies in Salt Lake City.

G2G: What is the biggest hurdle that 2009 grads need to overcome this recruiting season?
JB: The number of available jobs may be lower than in previous years, but there are still many to be found. Students need to focus on achieving relevant connections early on by getting involved in programs that interface with hiring companies and by networking with their executives. A degree does not ensure you a job these days. In business, it is more about who you know than what you know. Stay connected with the career center, start researching employers as a freshmen, and build a network of connected contacts who can help you succeed. Networking is paramount. This is why Zumeo exists.

G2G: What are challenges for the companies looking to recruit Gen Y?
JB: Relevance and a long term ROI. Are they looking in the right places? With over 85% of college students on Facebook, and over 65% of effective placements coming from referrals, it only makes sense to leverage social technology to recruit Gen Y.

To get access to the best talent they need to start courting them early on. Build value in relationships, leverage social media, and build a recognizable employment brand. If Gen Y is engaged early on the likelihood of them coming back after college greatly increases.

G2G: What are your plans for growing the company?
JB: We are joining forces with college career centers to add value to their services, strengthen their outreach, and increase placement efficiency. Universities realize the need to integrate with social technology yet often lack the power to leverage it.

We have already built the platform and proven its success, making it a seamless partnership. We provide employers with a medium on which to build employment brand equity, engage top talent, and distribute their jobs through targeted delivery channels such as email and SMS mobile text.