Dealing with a Magician Boss

Ever wonder why you spend more time in the office working than your boss actually does? And just how do you solicit feedback about your job performance from a boss who is always performing a “vanishing act?” If your boss is never in the office, you may be struggling to determine exactly what is expected of you. Don’t panic. Simply make a list of the assignments and projects you are working on. Jot down what you are doing for each, and when you expect to be finished. Send an e-mail to your boss weekly. Ask if you need to prioritize anything differently. If you do not get anything back, just keep doing what you’re doing.

You can also leave your boss weekly updates on voicemail. Keep these messages short and to the point. If you take the initiative instead of lamenting their absence, chances are your boss will see you as someone who can lead the team and get things done.

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