Five Tips: How To Get Hired in a Bad Economy

There is good reason to be nervous about the current job market. And with more than 11 million Americans out of work right now, college seniors are starting to stress about their own impending job searches.But if you’re a college senior who is planning to graduate this spring, here are five tips to make your job search a little less stressful.

1. Become an intern

If you haven’t yet completed an internship, apply for one immediately. Not all internships are full-time. Companies that offer unpaid internships may be willing to allow you to work part-time or have more flexible arrangements that won’t interfere with your school schedule. And be creative about approaching a company for an internship opportunity.

2. Begin the job hunt now

Start your job search early. Start networking with friends, family, and professors; tell them about your job search and what type of a company/role you would be a good fit for. Reach out to people in your network and request informational interviews. Be sure to send handwritten thank you notes to anyone who takes the time to speak to you, even if their advice does not ultimately help you land a job. You should also get to know the staff at your college career center. Take advantage of the services they offer such as information sessions, on-campus interviews, mock interviews, career fairs, career skills assessments tests.

3. Work for the government

Consider government jobs. In 2009, the government is going to be one of the best resources for entry-level jobs. Check out the job search links on our blog for resources regarding how to find government jobs.

4. Take advantage of the current opportunities in education and healthcare

Explore a career in education or healthcare. According to the U.S. Labor Department, these are currently the only two growing sectors of the job market. Over 45,000 jobs in these sectors were created in the past year.

5. Don’t live beyond your means

When you finally do get a job, do yourself a favor and be smart about your living arrangements. Live someplace where your rent each month will be extremely affordable. This could mean moving back home, or living with several roommates to make the rent manageable.