How To Land an Internship Fast

By Anne Brown

Did you know that companies need more help during a recession than when the economy is actually thriving? It’s true and the reason is simple. When companies have layoffs, fewer employees are expected to do the work that several employees once did. While this period of being overworked is no fun for the employees, it’s your ticket to securing an internship that otherwise may not have existed if the economy was in better shape.

So where do you find all of these newly created and available internships? First, realize that not all of these internships have even been identified yet. So, that means there are two types of internships available to you. 1.) Internships available through formal internship programs within companies and that may be advertised through your on campus career center; 2.) Internships that companies create after you approach them and ask for one.

I can tell you from my experience, that all of my former bosses wanted to hire interns at every single company I have ever worked. Often I was tasked with hiring interns, and I ran into the same problem over and over again. If I called up the campus career center and asked to be connected with professors who taught the subject matter we were interested in, the person answering the phone would insist that I open some online account with them and post jobs through the web site. That way, any student, whether they had the type of experience we wanted or not, could then post their resume for us, or send us an email. This process is cumbersome, and frankly just plain annoying. Forget it!

Now, when students approached me through email and explained how much they wanted to do an internship with our company, that would get my attention right away. Especially if we had not listed an internship opportunity anywhere. When a student takes the initiative to create their own job description and propose what the internship could look like, I know that student will have the ability to move initiatives forward as an employee as well.