Using Social Media to Get Hired:
What Employers are Looking For Online

Anne: Is recruiting through social media outlets going to replace other methods of recruiting you've used in the past?
Mike: Absolutely. LinkedIn has been around for a long time, and most of the best recruiters already use it aggressively. What is great about social media is that some time online can replace the phone screen - you can get a good sense of what someone is like from looking at their presence online without even talking to them – it’s much better than a resume.

Anne: What can recent graduates be doing online to make them more likely to get noticed and contacted for a job interview?
Mike: They should blog about something relevant to the job and have interesting things to say. That shows they are passionate and interested in the field.

Anne: If you decide you want to interview them, how do you contact the potential candidate. Email, phone, tweet...etc?

Mike: Usually it is through the medium where I found them -Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Anne: Thanks so much for the interview Mike.

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